Boosting Sales Volumes With An Effective SEO Plan

An effective sales funnel will allow you to easily increase your Customer Lifetime Value and achieve your annual sales goals. That means educating those customers, yes, but also working on the development of new products and additional services that you can market to add value to your core products.


Key indicators of the prospecting and selling funnel


Want to measure the performance of a sales funnel? You have to take a picture of the entire sales process, SEO and its different processing rates. The phrase Sales Funnel refers to exactly this process. Out of 10,000 prospects that you introduce at the top of the prospecting funnel, only 2,000 will become leads. And of those 2,000 leads, maybe only 600 will buy your main product.


Finally, only 200 will buy your complementary product and will continue to buy from you in the following years. And it would be wise to know what is the average basket of these 200 fans. Everything is measured, including SEO strategies.

These figures always differ from one business to another. But you can be sure of one thing – the more time you spend building and optimizing your prospecting and sales funnel, the more you are doing to grow your business and your business performance.


What are the 3 levers of the sales performance of a sales funnel?


Generate more leads with content marketing, SEO and prospecting funnel. Convert more leads into customers with Lead nurturing and sales funnel. Convert more customers into repetitive and loyal customers in the long run with optimization of the sales funnel. To take action and grow your business with content marketing, SEO and online sales funnel, here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself, along with some ideas to help you answer each and every one of them.


How do you attract new visitors to your website? Content marketing is the unique and the best way to attract new visitors. How do you convert visitors to your website into leads? The prospect’s prospecting magnet is the most powerful tool for obtaining e-mail addresses.


How do you build a business relationship with your leads? Offering value and information (rather than focusing solely on sales) is essential. How do you learn about your leads & your customers? Surveys and phone calls are good ways to get to know your list of contacts.


And how do you convert your opportunistic customers into satisfied and repetitive customers? Focus on creating complementary products to solve the major problems of your customers by analyzing their needs and motivation as well as the buying experience.

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