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The Role Of A SEO Company For Dating

Prospecting and sales funnels are a marketing tool. It represents the ideal path on which you want to place your customers as they move from Prospect to Lead, then to Customer, and finally to Repeat Customer.   If prospecting and sales funnels have been around for much longer than web marketing, the online world is [Continue]

Boosting Sales Volumes With An Effective SEO Plan

An effective sales funnel will allow you to easily increase your Customer Lifetime Value and achieve your annual sales goals. That means educating those customers, yes, but also working on the development of new products and additional services that you can market to add value to your core products.   Key indicators of the prospecting [Continue]

The Importance Of An Effective SEO Strategy

Today, thanks to the progress of AI and SEO, chatbots are only reduced to the conversational part. Indeed, in addition to relying on sophisticated analytical systems (algorithms, database, processing chain), which have a deep understanding of what the user wants, the chatbot allows a sophisticated system of actions: start an application to perform a particular [Continue]