The Importance Of An Effective SEO Strategy

Today, thanks to the progress of AI and SEO, chatbots are only reduced to the conversational part. Indeed, in addition to relying on sophisticated analytical systems (algorithms, database, processing chain), which have a deep understanding of what the user wants, the chatbot allows a sophisticated system of actions: start an application to perform a particular task triggering an order, seeking information and personalized advice.


The software brings coherent answers to complex questions, expressing itself more and more naturally. The SEO bots really finish democratizing with their integration in instant messaging applications and especially on Facebook Messenger last year. Indeed, its 900 million users can now directly contact these small programs, developed by companies, through the messaging service of the social network.


In addition, mobile-friendly, the chatbot communicates on the fetish support of Internet users who adapts perfectly to quick and instant responses. Now, through the use of instant messaging applications, such as Messenger or WhatsApp, chatbots automate these low-value tasks. Sending alerts at a trade show or event that may interest the customer in question.


Automated appointment making on the agenda of the commercial, taking into account the request of the prospect. Technical support: an instant after-sale that allows having satisfied customers, ready to recommend you. This also frees the time spent by a B2B salesperson to do after-sales service or after-sales service (5 to 15% of his time is traditionally allocated to this task).


By delegating the repetitive tasks of its business to a bot, the commercial B2B can devote more time to high value-added actions on qualified leads, and thus increase its commercial production. Indeed, customer knowledge is enriched in real time by the bot: he knows when he is able to capture “hot” leads.


What are the good practices to adopt and the errors to avoid to make chatbot the new weapon? A Gartner study shows that the first source of choice for a B2B customer is the interactions with the spokesperson of each supplier on the market: the commercial. But be aware that during a B2B purchase, such as an ERP or any other sophisticated tool that will last in the business, the decision process is very different from the B2C.


The complexity and added value of the product or service offered are at the heart of the buyer’s concerns. Indeed, the problems of business customers are complex and require sophisticated SEO solutions.


However, only 14% of Internet users believe that chatbots are able to provide detailed answers. Thus, the work of the commercial B2B cannot be totally replaced by a bot, it is an assistant to use with care to make it a powerful SEO tool.

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