Search Engine Optimization In Nashville

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If you are looking for a Nashville SEO company, then you may have found the perfect place. Silly Goose Nashville is well known in the area for being a firm representative of this city. But not many people know us for our search engine optimization efforts. So lets get right into it.

What Is SEO?

Also known as search engine optimization, this is a process of getting your website or web property to appear higher up in the organic search engines. It’s important that you hire the right company for the job because there are a lot of companies out there that will do something we like to call “blackhat” SEO. These are shady tactics that could end up getting your website penalized. It’s also a good way to waste a lot of money on a job that just ends up being a waste.

Does It Work?

So does it work? Can it really get you more customers? Of course it can!

This picture here is one part of the organic listings for local search terms. This is called a “Maps listing” – and if you have any type of local business then you are able to get into these maps where every click you get is FREE. Of course outside of that there is also the organic search listings where you can also be listed (you can get listed twice).

Methods Other Than SEO

A lot of potential clients also ask us if there are methods outside of search engine optimization to get them traffic and the answer is YES. There are a ton of different ways to get traffic to your website and increase your customer base. We like to explain each one individually to our clients so they can then decide what is best for them once they know all of the options.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a really quick source of traffic. Not only is it very quick but it can also be extremely targeted when done correctly. We like to mix this into many of our clients projects because we can use it to feel around their niche and keywords, and then move forward with SEO once we find out what type of traffic works for them. Not many companies do this and we like to pride ourselves on it.

Social Media

Obviously social media is absolutely huge these days. Some of the largest websites in the world are social media sites. I’m talking about the all popular Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other sites. There are absolutely ways to leverage these massive sites to help increase the traffic that is going to your personal website. Talk to our team about what we can do with social media in order to help you the best we can.

How Much Does SEO Cost

This really varies from client to client. We have had clients that have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we have had clients that have barely had to pay over a thousand dollars. It all really just depends on how far you are trying to take the project and what type of keywords you are trying to rank for. Just talk to our team and we will give you the best estimate we can for what you need done. Our SEO company is known to be ethical and effective!


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